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LCD Screen Protector for Rigol DS1054Z/DS1074Z Oscilloscope

I’m usually working with soldering iron, screwdrivers, cutter near my Rigol scope and prototype and I’m always afraid that I’ll accidentally nick or damage my LCD screen. Not anymore!

I had a few acrylic custom laser cut that is now in front of my Rigol LCD screen. Can’t even tell it’s there, unless you look sideways.




You can buy this item on my Ebay store.

Tektronix 2445A: Repair/Restoration/Calibration

11393407_504943222988196_8837509473214264700_oThis is the Tektronix 2445A on my workbench, underside (belly) shown. This is the A1 board containing the attenuators for Ch1 and Ch2, and preamps for all 4 channels.

I’m doing voltage and voltage ripple measurements, as per Service Manual. So far, all voltages were within tolerance, though the 5V ripple is on the high side and exceeds what the Service Manual recommends. But even though, this higher ripple voltage shouldn’t cause the problems I’m experiencing with the scope (wrong reading for Channel1 measurements.)

Reading the Service Manual, I noticed there is a way to switch the scope into Diagnostics mode. This is done by pressing Delta-V, Delta-T and Slope buttons all at the same time.

Repeatedly doing these steps, I noticed my scope not reacting or doing anything. According to manual, the scope should display certain user prompts on the screen but on my scope, they’re not showing at all.

I know the buttons for the Delta-V and Delta-T works, because I’ve been using these cursors in the past to make voltage and frequency measurements. The Slope button, I admit I haven’t really used. It’s always shown (+), and doesn’t toggle to (-) when the button is pressed…. Hmmm……


First Post – Welcome to the new website

Hello all, and welcome to the *NEW* website…. 2.0.

Yeah, this  site is basically a re-incarnation of my previous DIY-Central (which died of neglect).  It’s where I used to post my personal electronics (and non-electronics) hobby projects and experiments back in 2005/2006?  I’m grateful to say one of the projects blogged from the old DIY site turned into a side-business back in 2007 — just around the time the recession started.

As they say, if you want to kill the fun out of any hobby, turn that hobby into a business!  So now, you have your regular day job, and what was previously a fun hobby you do on the side, is also now “work.”

So this *new* DIY site is my attempt to bring  the fun back to my    electronics hobby. On this site, I’ll be posting projects I’ve been working on, or want to work on, or stuff that currently interests me.

I’m not really talking to a specific audience here,. This is not a company blog site.  This site is more for ME, my online note taking, my  online build diary.

If you stumbled upon this site, and enjoy reading other people’s thoughts and adventures in their DIY projects, or looking at electronics project build pictures, or finished DIY projects, then maybe you’ll find this site interesting.  If you have something to add to the discussion or topic, or have tips or additional information for the project, I’d love to hear from you guys.